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LUMIMAX® – LED Lights for Machine Vision

High quality LED lighting - specially designed and developed for use in industrial measurement and
checking techniques

Your benefits at a glance:

  • High performance and robust LED lights with best quality and highest functionality especially designed for industrial use
  • Over 60 basic light types with approximately 4000 different variations are available as continuous/static or flash light with various sizes and colours
  • To find out which light is optimal for your application, product loans for testing are free of charge
  • Should the right component for your application not be within our product portfolio, lights can be developed according to your requirements
  • Additional components such as diffusors, fresnel lenses and polarization filters are also available

Technical data:

  • The aluminium housings ensure an optimal heat dissipation and dispose of various practical mounting possibilities as well as flex chain cables
  • Controllers (mostly directly integrated within the compact aluminium housings: Equipped with a variable voltage supply having a protection against false polarity and against short circuit as well as a current control for the stabilization of the illuminated fields
  • Brightness control possible with an integrated potentiometer or an analogue connector
  • Flash times are continuously adjustable between 10 and 220µs → the maximum flash frequency is 100 Hz
  • Prior to delivery: 24-hour endurance test with following inspection → a device certificate lists all test results

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