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Cable measuring device VCPLab

Cable measuring device VCPLab

For cable samples with an outside diameter up to 50 millimetre (1.97 Inch)

The cable measuring device VCPLab is a camera-based system for measuring cable geometries from insulations and sheaths. Integrated high resolution sensors allow very accurate measurements of both very thin samples with an outer diameter smaller than 1 mm and cable sheaths with an outer diameter up to 50 mm.

Device details VCPLab:

Technical details VCPLab:

Width x Height x Depth: 810 x 410 x 1070 mm 25.59 x 14.17 x 42.17 In.
Weight: 62 kg / 136.7 lbs
Resolution: 4 mm width = 1,5 µm/pixel
0.157 In. width = 0.000157 In./pixel
20 mm width = 7,8 µm/pixel
0.7874 In. width = 0.00307 In./pixel
Lighting: LED-lighting (adjustment storable)
Camera: 2 cameras, 8 different camera systems
Objective: 40 different objective types
Accuracy: device and attribute specific calculate to procedure for accuracy and repeatability operation 1, operation 2

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